Mary Kneiser: Helping You Lead A Better And Healthier Life

Based in Saint Clare Shores in Michigan and having graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine over two decades ago, Mary Kneiser is one of the most popular names in the world of physical medicine and rehabilitation. She has passed all the evaluation processes conducted by ABPMR and has also passed the special skill test where her experience, skills and treatment methods are evaluated and she has passed this with distinction. So, if you have any problems related to her field, you can be rest assured that Mary Kneiser will be able to help you with in the most proficient manner.
Mary Kneiser is a very friendly person and because of her dedication and determination to help people recover and cure faster so that they can lead a better and more active as well as healthier life, she has a public open forum from where new patients can approach her easily. In all, Mary Kneiser is easily accessible by all patients who need her help and expertise in recovering from her ailments. She has completed four years of medical graduation plus an internship as well as corresponding three years in compulsory residency training for her masters. Mary Kneiser has over two decades of dedicated experience in the field of physical treatment and rehabilitation now and has helped hundreds and thousands of patients to get close to recovery in a way which is too good to be true and all this credit goes to her dedication as well as devotion in her field and profession.
Mary Kneiser is associated and affiliated to five hospitals where her patients can reach her easily and three primary areas where her expertise lies are musculoskeletal injuries, chronic and acute injuries and electrodiagnostic. She also treats patients with severe impairments and functional limitations and even though these kinds of treatments can be lengthy and needs highly skilled physician working on it, you can be sure that you are at the right place and doing the right thing when you are consulting Mary Kneiser as she has dealt with severest of cases and came out winning over problems and thereby, changing the life of patient positively forever.
Mary Kneiser, apart from being board certified at ABPMR has also got many awards, certifications and accreditations which are highly reputed and this showcases her vast list of achievements. Athletes and sports professionals suffer from physical injuries from time to time and many of the reputed professionals refer to Mary Kneiser for their physical ailments.


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